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United K9 Verified Seal and United K9 Verified SD

The United K9 Verified Seal allows people to know that the dogs produced by this breeder are not the following.

  • Temperament
  • Health

The United K9 Verified SD Seal means that the breeder produced dogs to become a Service Dog

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Sapper Haus Rottweilers

Located in Sanford, NC


We believe in the complete working Rottweiler - health, confirmation, character, working ability, intelligence, courage and the desire to please. Our Rottweilers are all pedigreed from the very best kennels imported into the US and health tested.

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Maximum Security GSD

Located in Longview TX

Phone: 903.452.1300 Elaine 903.235.6149 Dusty


We are a small breeding kennel that works toward making the breed of Germans Shepherds better with each breeding. Our dogs are suited for companions, competition, protection or working.

We believe in raising our German Shepherd puppies in our home just like our children. We want them to learn to be obedient, confident, strong, intelligent and brave. We strive to have our dogs be healthy, happy and aware of their humans needs.